2022 Scholarship Recipients

Jesus Guillermo Macias Franco

California College of the Arts, 2023

Guillermo’s study of architecture began in 2009 in his hometown in Mexico. After coming to the US in 2015, he continued to pursue his design education despite having to take years off from school to earn a living. Currently, he is commuting from Santa Clara, where he lives with his wife and young child, to California College of the Arts. He will graduate from CCA with a BA in Architecture in 2023.

“Good design should be inclusive, not exclusive,” Guillermo stated in his application. “I believe in creating healthier cities that are accessible to all.”

Inga Huang

Product Design
Art Center College of Design, 2024

Inga is in her second year of the Product Design program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Curiosity has driven her passion for learning new technologies that she can integrate into her projects.

Her professor writes: “(Inga’s) body of work this early in her career is a standout …I have no doubt that she will be a leader in the future of Industrial Design.”

Inga is also an active member of the Taiwanese community.

Clarissa Jocelyn

Biola University, 2026

Originally from a small city in Indonesia, Clarissa immigrated to San Francisco alone in seventh grade. Through her talent for art and design, she gained admission to Ruth Asawa School of the Arts for high school. In her scholarship application, she wrote about the “balletic patterns of kelps and waves” that inspired her architectural design, “Wave-stallation.” For this design, Clarissa won third place at the the Design Ideas Collective Competition hosted by the Architecture Foundation of San Francisco.

Clarissa is currently a freshman studying Animation at Biola University. She chose this field because she hopes to “tell captivating and meaningful stories through art and design.”

Jadelynn Johnson

Howard University, 2025

Jadelynn is in her junior year of the architecture program at Howard University. She grew up in San Francisco in a multi-racial family. When she started high school, she didn’t think she could pursue a design career because of the perceived lack of stability. Through additional exposure to architects and designers, she was able to “show [herself] and [her] family that there is stability and money in [her] desired career path.”

Jadelynn writes, “All my life, I observed the way people interacted with spaces; now I wanted to create those spaces.” The project at left shows Jadelynn’s design for a library celebrating Black poetry, hip-hop, and literature.

Dalon Li

UC Berkeley, 2026

Dalon Li is among the first generation of his family to be raised in the US, and is studying architecture at UC Berkeley. After encouragement from his high school’s art and architecture teacher, he enrolled in an architecture class and found a rewarding challenge in its combination of mathematics and art. He channeled his connection to his family in to an architectural design for them to live in together, with careful consideration to “how a person would live in a home, and how they would function inside the different spaces,” illustrated through thoughtful personal touches included in the design.

In addition to architecture, Dalon channels his creative and technical talents in to building robots and participating in cybersecurity competitions.

Zhaoyan Li

Graphic Design
California College of the Arts, 2023

Yuki immigrated to the US from China in 2014 and is studying graphic design at CCA. As a young woman, she became interested in the ways that design could help people and even change culture.

The project she shared in her application is a deeply researched, detailed app design that addresses the dangerous lack of birth control education in China. Yuki wrote, “I believe graphic design is a medium that transforms the spiritual world into a material one.”

Gabrielle Nicolas

UC Berkeley, 2026

Gabby acted on her early interest in pursuing architecture by enrolling in several programs, including Girls Garage’s Young Women’s Design + Building Institute (pictured here), where she learned hands-on design and construction. Despite difficult life circumstances that required her to work 20 hours per week after school, Gabby has retained her drive to create and her love of innovative design, combined with a consideration of climate change and pursuit of social justice.

Gabby was thrilled to be accepted into UC Berkeley. A second-generation Filipino-American, she is looking forward to
attending a school where “celebration of Filipino culture is abundant.”

Stephanie Pan

Interdisciplinary Computer Arts
UC San Diego, 2026

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Stephanie just started her freshman year at UC San Diego, and is the first in her family to go to college. In her application, Stephanie named independence as her greatest strength because it has made her unafraid of trying new media. She began drawing when she was 4; a few years later, she learned about animation by watching YouTube. While she waited to have the tools to make animations, she honed her drawing, painting and graphic design skills.

Stephanie has won numerous competitions, both city- and nation-wide, and her distinctive animations have earned her a large social media following.

John Angelo Serrano

California College of the Arts, 2026

Born in the US, Angelo grew up in San Francisco in a large Fillipino-American family. He has always been fascinated with making stories come alive with the use of movement. In his application, he wrote, “to think of having a career in something I have enjoyed since I was a child would be a dream come true, but I must do my best to make sure it can become a reality.”

This past year, Angelo won first place in Animation, and third place in Illustration in a statewide Arts, Media, Entertainment online conference and competition for high school students. He is a freshman at California College of the Arts.

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